About Us


The SULAGNA HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL is one of the leading educational institute in the state of Odisha particularly in Balasore district imparting performance oriented knowledge and training in +2 Science / Coaching for IIT / NEET / JEE (E & M) under one roof. The college has been erupted out of our expertise in the filed of coaching as NM Tutorials, Balasore having presence in the city for more than 20 years and famous for creating results. We have the same set of experienced faculties of nm Tutorials all from Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. Our hard work has helped us to make 100% result in +2 Science consecutively for ninth year & large number of freshers' enrollment are govt. colleges, NITs' & govt. Engg. colleges each year. The college is a part of our trust Sulagna Educational and Charitable Trust. The Trust has also established Sulagna Public School (SPS), a CBSE School in 2015-16. The School strictly follows the NCERT/CBSE Syllabus from Class-1. Keeping in view the emerging trends towards +3 Sc. Education we have established SULAGNA DEGREE COLLEGE(SDC) with HONS in PCMB since 2016-17 under FM University, Balasore. The college focus on competitive like IIT(JAM), Civil Services, Banking, BEd coaching along with degree syllabus from day one ensuring your child is employeble.



SULAGNA HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL fosters a vision of educational transformation in keeping pace with the times. It emphasizes a symbiotic relationship between the students, faculties, academia and industries. The young institution offers a holistic approach to professional & paramedical education, personality development and social skills. The challenge today is to relate ourselves to the socio-economic cultural and educational world and to think globally SULAGNA understands this responsibility and works to create a talent pool of manpower to tackle the emerging issues confronting the 21st century.


1. To play a crucial role in contributing to the betterment of humanity and in shaping our world.
2. To produce world class professionals and technician to meet quality requirements of industry, academia, medicals
3. For sustainable development of the nation.
4. To provide important leadership to the society and be a major contributor to knowledge process organization.